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Five Questions With Jefferson Bethke


Jefferson bethke wife age how to escalate a relationship Almost overnight, it catapulted him into a career as a successful online evangelist and an interview on The Boundless Show. In the meantime, Bethke has continued churning out YouTube videos on his channelwhich has over 56,000,000 views to date. Jefferson was kind enough to talk jefferson bethke wife age us for a little bit about his life, and in doing so, gives some great insight into what it feels like to have a YouTube jefferson bethke wife age go viral. Describe how it felt to go from obscurity to being one of the most visible faces in Christian media overnight. Did you feel a maintenance routine high woman overstimulated by the whole experience?

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The couple is seen in this undated file photo. Bethke, the faith-filled 22-year-old known for his popular YouTube videos, such as "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus," attended the same high school and the same college as Fenton, 24, although the two did not officially meet until they were introduced by a mutual friend at a wedding after college. As the couple previously told The Christian Post , they both knew after their first date that they had met their one and only. CP. How was the wedding experience overall? Did you feel nervous or stressed while preparing for the wedding, and was it all worth it once the special day arrived?

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Not that I would have chosen that! Oh no. I remember playing dress up and never being a schoolteacher or doctor, but a wife and mom. Oh how I longed to be married, to have someone to do life with, to pursue me and want me. I definitely fell head over heels for a boy in high school.

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