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GNS Pakistan - Leading Dates Exporters


Best quality dates in pakistan ask elvis steve wright youtube Pakistan produces a large variety of fruits and vegetables almost round the Year. Date production in Pakistan ranks third in fruits and same is the case in case of Exports. It is one of the largest commercial fruit of Pakistan. The harvesting season for dates starts in July and runs until September.

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We are one of the emerging fresh dates suppliers and exporters in Pakistan. We mainly deal in agricultural produce and export of dates from Pakistan. We ensure that we offer our customers the finest quality agricultural produce at their doorstep, grown on rich fertile land with its excellent aroma, delightful taste, eminent texture and an added health benefit due to pure nutrients. Rawaayat being one of the top dates exporters in Pakistan, mainly deals in all quality dates, Aseel dates and other varieties for consumer and industrial use.

- Different types of dates and their rates - Karachi - pakistan

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The firm is involved in multiple lines of business, trade and manufacturing of home decoration, food products and development of information technology solutions. The sponsors are having a rich experience in the fields of trade, banking, law, food technologies, agriculture etc. The firm is operated on professional lines with a valuable input and sound strategic directions of sponsors. We are constantly working on their development and optimization. It is this consistency that has shaped the company's self-image.

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